We help you find and hire the Top Professional Caregivers in your community.

CareSearch has helped families just like yours find and hire the perfect caregivers for their loved ones!

Hire the best possible caregiver for your family!

Your Personal Care Coordinator will look to match you with caregivers who fit your unique care needs. This means we not only help you find a caregiver to meet your schedule and duties, but one who will become part of your family.

Each caregiver goes through an extensive interview and vetting process process. Our goal is to have the very best caregivers in your community so your have the very best options available for your family.

1. Call Us

Let us know your Care Needs, Budget, Schedule and Personality Traits of the caregiver you’re looking for.

2. We Go To Work Immediately

Your Personal Care Coordinator will reach out to vetted caregivers in your community, pre-screen them based on your unique care needs and then filter them down to the top care choices.

3. Freedom of Choice

You’re provided with the profiles and contact information of the top candidates interested in working for your family. You have the opportunity to interview and hire the caregivers of YOUR CHOOSING!

4. Relax... We Do The Heavy Lifting

We’ll handle any and all Payroll and IRS Compliant Taxes on your behalf. Your caregivers are paid on-time and hassle-free. Take advantage of our Online Family Portal and you can view Schedules, Time Cards and Total Care Costs in real-time from your computer or phone.

You’ll speak with a Care Coordinator who will go over all your care needs and discuss your options. Once we have a good idea of what your specific needs are, we will begin the search for your perfect caregiver!

During this consult, we will go over the following:

What can your caregiver help you with today?

Because you are hiring your caregiver directly you have much more freedom to choose their duties as compared to hiring an agency to manage your care. Below is just a sample of what your caregiver can do for you and your family.

Transfers / Safety

Meal Preparation

Monitor Vitals

Medication Reminders

Light Housekeeping

Laundry / Ironing

Transportation / Errands

Administer Medication

Personal Hygiene

Incontinence Care

Bathing / Dressing


The personal touch makes all the difference.

Why is CareSearch the best choice for your family?

My Promise To You

My partners and I have one goal to help you find a caregiver who will become part of your family and to give back to the Jewish Community who’ve been there for so many of us.

We’ve spent countless hours developing a system to attract the very best caregivers in your community. We evaluate them on multiple levels and continue to monitor their professionalism and compassion through the work they do for our families.

If your family needs help finding a caregiver, please give us a call.

Lawrence Maze

Founder of CareSearch

From Our Families

"I can't thank you enough for the caregiver we found for my mom! We couldn't afford an agency and we honestly didn't know what to do until a friend recommended your site. Thank you so much for everything you've done for our family!"

Chris B. from Houston, TX

"CareSearch came through for us! Our in-home healthcare worker had to take off a couple of days for an emergency. When CareSearch heard about it, pretty much last minute, they went into emergency mode to make sure my mother was assisted."

Lynda R from Round Rock, TX

"Just had to write to thank you for finding Marilyn. Marilyn is the caregiver for my Mother who turned 99 years old yesterday. Marilyn was able to walk into her environment and win her heart in the first 10 minutes. Her beautiful smile and friendly personality simply lit up the room when we first met."

Mikey H. from Austin, TX

The Science Behind Our Recommendations

Personality Assessments

Each caregiver is given an accredited Behavioral & Personality Assessment which not only details their behavioral traits, but predicts their behavior towards others and how they assess everyday tasks/duties. These assessments help Care Coordinators both match you with the best caregiver and teach you how best to maximize the care they can give your family.

Proprietary Questionnaires

Every CareSearch Recommended Caregiver is initially given a detailed questionnaire to fill out upon their first interview with our company. Their answers to these unique questions analyze the thought processes and motivations behind real-life occurrences. These are available for you to view and aid in your decisions on which caregivers to interview and hire.

Unique Algorithms

After your Care Coordinator meets with your family to discuss your needs, schedule, budget and family dynamic they are able to quickly identify the top candidates in your community. This greatly speeds up the process of identifying and introducing you to the best possible caregiver for your family!

We're Here For You EVERY Step Of The Way

In-Depth Interviews

Before a caregiver is ever considered for any of our families, they will have gone through an extensive interview process. These personal interviews are conducted by Care Coordinators with decades of experience in the caregiving field. We only recruit the very best caregivers in your community to ensure you have the very best options available for your family.

Getting To Know Your Family

We don’t believe it’s possible to find the perfect caregiver by simply filling out a generic needs form online. To truly match you with the top caregiver choices that will become part of your family, we take the time to talk to you and find out exactly what you’re looking for in a caregiver. It’s the first and most important step in helping you find the best care possible.

Our Guarantee

We won’t present you with a single caregiver we wouldn’t personally recommend to our own friends and family. Each and every caregiver has been thoroughly vetted and is continually evaluated on their compassion, professionalism, honesty and dependability. If they fall below our exceptionally high standards, they are removed from consideration for any of our families.

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