Is A Calling

Which is why we only recruit the very best caregivers in your community AND reward them with a path towards a greater quality of life.

Why Choose CareSearch?

We've recruited the top caregivers in your community and put them through a rigorous screening and interview process. All to ensure we only recommend the very best for your family.

How do we recruit and maintain the best? We provide them an opportunity to earn significantly more money vs agencies. We give them a say in who they work for, when they work and what type of work they do for their families. We work hard to match them with a family who fits their skill set and personality so they don’t feel like they’re punching a clock each day… they’re focused on giving the best possible care to a family that truly appreciates all they have to offer!

Invested Caregivers

Your caregiver earns more and has a true voice in their chosen career which translates into a caregiver financially and emotionally invested in the care of your loved ones.

Personalized Care

Our ultimate goal is to find you a caregiver who'll become part of your family. We accomplish this by taking the time to match you with a caregiver who fits ALL your needs!

Trust and Security

Each caregiver passes a thorough vetting process, comprehensive background check and ongoing evaluations.

A Team You Can Count On

We don't stop at simply finding you a caregiver. Your Personal Care Coordinator can be available to you 24/7, including holidays!

The CareSearch Advantage

At a time when your family is most vulnerable, CareSearch is there to ease your burden as much as possible. Your Personal Care Manager will talk to you about our Care Plans and find the perfect fit for your unique situation. After talking to you about what you’re looking for in a caregiver, they will provide you with a short list of profiles who best fit your needs.

YOU choose who to interview. YOU choose the rate of pay your caregiver earns. YOU choose who best fits the skill level and personality traits you want to take care of your family.

Additionally, we are here to help you with the following if you need it:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Bonding
  • Hands-Free, Automated Payroll Solutions
  • IRS Compliant Tax Management
  • Online Schedules & GPS Tracked Time Clock
  •  24/7 Access to Care Coordinator for Fill-In / Replacement Care

Caregiving is a calling, not a career choice. Caregivers become interwoven into the lives of the families for which they care and they deserve both a living wage and choice in when and where they work. The caregivers CareSearch recommends to your family chooses their own availability, their own rate of pay and their own tasks they wish to perform. In the end, they earn more and have a much greater say in their chosen profession.

Caring for your loved one is a great responsibility. Isn’t it important that your caregivers are taken care of as well?

  • Significantly higher rates of pay
  • Covered by limited liability insurance policy
  • Weekly direct deposits to their bank accounts
  • Choice in where they work, who they work for and what they earn

Our Promise To You

My partners and I have one goal to help you find a caregiver who will become part of your family.

We’ve spent countless hours developing a system to attract the very best caregivers in your community. We evaluate them on multiple levels and continue to monitor their professionalism and compassion through the work they do for our families.

If your family needs help finding a caregiver, please give us a call.

Lawrence Maze – Founder

Just call our office to speak with a Personal Care Manager who will go over your in-home care needs.

Each and every caregiver has been personally interviewed and vetted by a Care Manager.

We won’t supply you a list of 40 caregivers to sift through… we find the top 3-4 that best fit YOUR needs.

Interview over the phone or in person, then decide which caregiver you want for your family!

Background checks, liability insurance, payroll and tax management are all available.

Our Platinum Plan offers Automated Billing, Direct Deposits for caregivers and IRS Compliant Tax Filing on your behalf.

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Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Whether you need immediate assistance finding a new or replacement caregiver, we’re here to help.

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People Say

CareSearch came through for us! Our in-home healthcare worker had to take off a couple of days for an emergency. When CareSearch heard about it, pretty much last minute, they went into emergency mode to make sure my mother was assisted.
Lynda R.
Round Rock, TX

We Will Find You The Perfect Caregiver For Your Family

Simply give us a call to get started and you could hire your new caregiver as early as today!