Rewards Points

Please view the current Rewards available to you. If you’d like to redeem your Rewards Points for any item, please fill out the form on the right and we’ll call you to confirm. Please note that you must have the FULL Rewards Points Total to redeem for any listed Reward.

How to Earn Rewards Points

Refer a Caregiver to CareSearch

When that caregiver is hired by their first family, you’ll be credited with 2,500 Rewards Points! This is only for the first time they are hired.

Periodically, we receive requests for care that can be difficult for us to find a great match for the family. When that happens, we will send out a request for help from our current caregivers with specific Rewards Points for helping us find someone for the family. These points will range from the standard 2,500 points all the way to 10,000 points!

Refer a Family to CareSearch

If the Family signs with CareSearch you will receive weekly Rewards Points based upon the Care Plan the Family chooses and the number of hours the family books in a given week.

One of our CareSearch members has cashed in $1000s so far with just ONE Family Referral! So, if you know of a family looking for care or wanting to run Payroll for their caregivers have them give us a call and we’d be happy to help them!

Available Rewards

Points are non-transferable. You must have full amount of points available to order any item listed.

$50 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Amazon Gift Card

$200 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Visa Gift Card

$200 Visa Gift Card