The Science of Compassion

CareSearch has developed a unique blend of science and personal compassion to best match you with a caregiver who’ll become part of your family. Through accredited Behavioral & Personality Assessments and a unique Algorithm Matching software, we cut the time dramatically in finding you great caregivers… but we don’t stop there!

To truly match you with the perfect caregiver, your Care Coordinator will further filter down your ideal candidates through their personal interactions they’ve shared with those caregivers. You will only be presented with the Very Best Matches for your family.

Save Big. Pay Big.

Agencies will charge you upwards of $20 -25 per hour but only pay your caregiver $8-10 on average. What if you could cut that rate in half? And what if you could increase the rate your caregiver earns while doing that?

You should be able to reward your caregiver for the selfless services they provide your family. CareSearch was created to not only match you with the top caregivers in your community but to allow you to pay them more while costing you less overall!

  • Save up to 50% vs an agency
  • Pay your caregiver 25% more
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing we’ve pre-screened & vetted your caregiver

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People Say

CareSearch came through for us! Our in-home healthcare worker had to take off a couple of days for an emergency. When CareSearch heard about it, pretty much last minute, they went into emergency mode to make sure my mother was assisted.
Lynda R
Round Rock, TX