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We'd love to introduce you to a great caregiver!


At a time when your family is most vulnerable, CareSearch is there to ease your burden as much as possible. Your Personal Care Manager will talk to you about our Care Plans and find the perfect fit for your unique situation. After talking to you about what you’re looking for in a caregiver, they will provide you with a short list of profiles who best fit your needs.

YOU choose who to interview. YOU choose the rate of pay your caregiver earns. YOU choose who best fits the skill level and personality traits you want to take care of your family.


Whether you just need help finding a caregiver or are looking for a fully automated solution to hiring and paying your caregiver, CareSearch has a plan to fit your needs!

Personally Matched Care

We take the time to match you with a caregiver who will fit ALL your needs. Budget, schedule, care needs and specific caregiver requirements are all taken into account.

Backed by Science

You’re supplied a Certified Personality & Behavioral Assessment of your caregiver to help you understand how best to maximize the care your family receives.


We are a bonded company & your caregivers are covered by a $1M/$3M limited liability policy. You’re also given comprehensive background checks for your caregiver.

Verified Time Clock

Your caregiver will clock in and out via a GPS Verified Time Clock System. Easily view your caregiver’s past shifts to see their exact clock in & out times for your family.

Automated Payroll

Each week, your caregivers are paid automatically via direct deposit. We also offer IRS Compliant Tax Management Services which file your taxes for you each month.

24/7 Care Access

Your Care Coordinator can be available to you anytime day or night. Whether you need a last minute fill-in or simply have a question about our services… we’re here for you!

We're Here For You

Whether you need 24/7 Care or simply a caregiver to come in a few times a week to lend a helping hand, we have the perfect solution for you. Call our Care Coordinator today and we can start searching for the perfect caregiver for your family!

3 Easy Steps

  1. Call Us at (512) 334-9545
  2. Choose A Great Caregiver
  3. Relax

We Can Handle Everything

We provide Liability Insurance, Bonding, Extensive Background Checks, Hands-Free Payroll Solutions and IRS Compliant Tax Management for you and the caregivers. Once you choose your caregivers, we can take over and provide you with a hands-free solutions to your in-home care needs.