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Please view the FAQ on this page for help with common issues. Should you need additional help, Log In or Register below and submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help you in any way possible. Please note that you’ll need to Register for Support before you can submit a new ticket (this is not the same registration as your CareSearch Registration / Log In).

  1. Please call the family first as they are your direct employer.
  2.  If the family states they need a fill-in caregiver, immediately call CareSearch at (512) 334-545 to alert them to contact family.
  3. Log into your Time Clock, select the shift you are cancelling and click Cancel Shift. Type in reason for missing the shift.
  1. For various reasons, you may not see your shift listed on the day you’re scheduled to work.
  2. Click Add Shift then select the Family you’re working for.
  3. Then put an estimate of your shift. This does not have to be exact, just a general start and stop time.
  4. You must then CLOCK IN to the shift as Step 3 simply creates a shift for you to clock in/out.
  1. Log into your Time Clock and select Cancel Shift.
  2. Enter the reason the family gave for cancelling shift.
  1. Not all jobs are perfect, and the need to move on may arise.
  2. To remain in good standing and maintain a high Confidence Rating within CareSearch, you must treat all of your employers/families with dignity and respect.
  3. The best way to accomplish this is to reach out to your employer/family and discuss your issues and why you feel you must leave/move on.
  4. At that point all parties are well informed and the family can contact CareSearch if they would like us to find other caregivers to interview and possibly hire.